A Different Kind Of AA…


I can only imagine what prompted business executive Theodore Vail to state the above but I doubt it had anything to do with DIABETES. Reading this my mind wanders to many past conversations where this would have been an interesting lead into the explanation of my approach to diabetes, which I refer to as a different kind of AA…where the key to effective management of this disease involves ACCEPTANCE & AWARENESS.

No matter the type of diabetes, the diagnosis must be truly accepted. It must be understood that this chronic disorder will be a part of you until death. Otherwise, diabetes will always have the upper hand in this imaginary world of denial. When you choose to own the disease, you can control it. This is the first step.

Now you have a choice. Do you simply want to react to the blood sugar reading OR do you want to anticipate what is happening? You can just treat the high or low blood sugar OR you can try to understand why the blood sugar went up or down in the first place. This will be your new focus of attention to improve future blood sugar readings. Increased awareness leads to anticipation, better choices and better results. This awareness encompasses many areas including monitoring your blood sugars, keeping a food journal and using a fitness tracker. Since it is more than just what you eat that affects the blood sugar, having all of this information available will help you make the proper lifestyle adjustments.

Overall, it is YOUR PERSPECTIVE that must change. The diagnosis of diabetes may provoke varied emotions. Many are angry. Some are sad. Others are ashamed to have diabetes. It is frustrating for sure BUT there are other diseases that are not so manageable. If having diabetes has been part of your journey, embrace it! What is the alternative? If allowed, diabetes can be metabolic cancer that will ravage the body. Don’t let diabetes be this imaginary unconquerable battle left to steal another day.

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  1. Wow! I see myself in this. I didn’t want to accept or acknowledge that diabetes was part of my life until I started working with you. Now my blood sugar control is improving. Not only am I healthier, but I’m happier too!

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