It is November and while most anticipate all the beauty of fall and the upcoming holidays, for others it is time once again to bring awareness to a disease that affects 29 million Americans and over 400 million people worldwide. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. This year people all over are sharing their stories and putting a face to this disease with the theme…

Young and old baring souls and providing a glimpse into the reality of what the day of a person living with diabetes is like. Unfortunately until you experience it first hand or through a loved one, it is difficult to fully appreciate what it is like to have to totally change and manage every aspect of your life overnight.  I shared a version of this statement on social media last November in honor of all my patients struggling with Diabetes…

Although Diabetes is frustrating for sure, I have ALWAYS encouraged others that this is a disease that CAN be managed and that is a good thing. Stay strong and positive.

Please take the time to view these stories, learn something new and perhaps even share what you find particularly interesting or moving. #ThisIsDiabetes

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